WP Show Posts Pro Demo Site

I made this demonstrator site to show you how the WP Show Posts Pro plugin looks in action.

What is WP Show Posts Pro?

WP Show Posts Pro is an add on for the free plugin WP Show Posts.

WP Show Posts and WP Show Posts Pro allow you to build good looking post and page listing grids in your WordPress website.

The easiest way to see what these different post grids look like is to navigate around this site and see for yourself.

Quirks and Foibles

WP Show Posts Pro has a few quirks and foibles, such as…

  • If you put an image light box gallery on the same page as another WP Show Posts Pro gallery, you can get unpredictable results.
  • You can not add the WP Show Posts Pro special effects to the automatically created WordPress blog or gallery listing pages. You have to use a workaround and manually set 301 redirects. This is not difficult, but is fiddly.

All In All

I love WP Show Posts Pro even with its little quirks and foibles. It helps you build good looking post and page listings that look like the blog page and category pages. It’s simple, lightweight and looks good without going over the top. Like with GeneratePress, the author has got the balance just right. These two products are beautifully simple and simply beautiful!